Meeting – work in progress

Give ourselves time to meet through a drawing and a talk


Agnes Btffn draws Mudjadi from Sarta, Palestina

The artist invites people she meets to show her their environment and sit together with her just the time it takes for her to draw the person surrounded with the site of his/her choice.

Not as the french painter Edouard Manet, who told his models not to move and compared them to an object, on the contrary, Agnes Btffn likes the person, sitting on a stool, to talk and move.

The drawing session is to last as long as the artist and the participant decide. At the end, the artist gives the drawing to her guest and edits on the website, the photograph of the drawing and a story she makes out of the exchanges between her and the person.
The work, drawings and stories, is a trace of those meetings.


meetings ark3

The project started in the nighties:
The artist invited a person to her studio for a drawing session.  As the artist and her guest got acquainted and the talk went on, drinking tea, coffee, she drew the person, not like in a traditional portrait session there the model is asked not to move. The guest could change position though always sitting on the same chair.  The meetings could last then from 1 to 2 to 3 hours.



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